MWW: Buzz Fuels Super Bowl Commercials’ ROI

Super Bowl Sunday is as much about the commercials (and snacks) as it is about the two teams facing off, with a 30-second television slot in 2023 costing as much as $7 million for the opportunity to reach an estimated 200 million viewers.

“The Super Bowl is unique among sporting events because most TV viewers are not fans of the two teams involved. Without a strong rooting interest in the game, these viewers are open to the spectacle,” public relations agency MikeWorldWide (MWW) said in a recent report “How The Best Super Bowl Commercials Influence Culture and Consumer Behavior.”

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Roughly 70% of U.S. households tune in to watch the Super Bowl, and 27% of viewers point to the commercials as being the best part. The Super Bowl is consistently the most watched television broadcast in the U.S. every year, and the game is shown across180 countries and in more than 30 languages.

With so many eyeballs, money, and competition at stake — 80 to 100 spots will air — “… a Super Bowl commercial placement should never be a Hail Mary,” MWW said. 

“The best Super Bowl commercials live beyond the big game because they influence viewers’ feelings.”

Generating pre-buzz ahead of the Super Bowl and evoking those feelings before the commercial even airs is critical. Also important is monitoring social media conversations in the hours and days after the big game, MWW said. 

“Perhaps the most important conversations happen on social media in the aftermath of the ad airing — and it helps to engage and continue the conversation as reactions roll in,” according to the release. By joining the conversation, a brand can reinforce and boost the ad campaign’s message.

The Kansas City Chiefs were victorious over the Philadelphia Eagles 38 – 35. The winning ad was The Farmer’s Dog: “Forever,” which ranked first, according to the 35th USA TODAY Ad Meter ratings. Second was NFL: “Run With It” and third was Amazon: “Saving Sawyer.” The Farmer’s Dog is a first-time winner and it’s also a first for the type of brand — premium dog food.

USA TODAY Ad Meter panelists rated ads from Feb. 8 to Feb. 13; there were more than 150,000 registrations. The industry uses the Ad Meter tool to measure public sentiment and opinion around Super Bowl advertisements.