New Bridge Medical Center Recognized for Commitment to Equality in Healthcare

President and CEO of the New Bridge Medical Center Deborah Visconi recently signed the World Economic Forum’s Zero Health Gaps Pledge as part of an effort to improve global health equity. The signing of the Zero Health Gaps Pledge entails a commitment by the New Bridge Medical Center to embed health equity in core strategies, operations, and investments.

“We are committed to ensuring that we safeguard equity, inclusion, dignity, and respect for all while serving as a beacon of hope for improving health and wellness for everyone,” said Visconi. “This pledge is yet another sign of our commitment to equity and we look forward to working with healthcare providers around the globe to remove barriers to quality healthcare and behavioral health services.”

The New Bridge Medical Center has long been a bulwark of equity for the healthcare industry, being one of only 9 organizations nationwide named by Modern Healthcare magazine as a Top Diversity Leader. To this end, New Bridge recently appointed Shari Gold as its Chief Quality and Equity Officer in addition to her role as Senior Vice President for Regulatory Compliance.

Gold has over 30 years in inpatient clinical, ambulatory, behavioral health, home health, and administrative healthcare experience. Under her leadership, the Medical Center was also recognized as the most socially responsible hospital in New Jersey, earning the 2023 Lown Institute’s award for racial inclusivity and equitable access to care, community health, and wellness outreach.