PSE&G Continues Smart Meter Program with Installation of 1 Millionth Meter

PSE&G reached a key milestone by installing its millionth smart meter as part of its Smart Meter Program. Through this multi-year effort, PSE&G will replace 2.3 million existing electric meters with new smart meters at PSE&G residential and commercial customer premises. PSE&G expects to complete the installations by the end of 2024.

“We are very excited to realize this important accomplishment because it means that we are getting closer to our goal of making smart meters available to all of our electric customers,” said Dave Johnson, Vice President of Customer Care and Chief Customer Officer. “There are already more than 110 million smart meters installed across the United States, so it’s great news that PSE&G electric customers will soon also have access to the benefits that smart meters provide.”

The smart meters are a part of PSE&G’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure or AMI which links the smart meters to PSE&G system-monitoring and customer applications via a secure communications network. The smart meters’ capability to communicate with PSE&G systems makes them a more favorable option compared to the standard, non-communicating meters that PSE&G is replacing.

Over time, the smart meters will deliver a number of enhanced benefits, including more information to customers about their energy usage, real-time power outage detection and more efficient power restoration. The new technology will help the utility pinpoint where outages exist and dispatch repair crews to the right locations.

“In addition to the important customer benefits, smart meters are also key to PSE&G’s powering a future where people use less energy, and it’s cleaner, safer and delivered more reliably than ever,” added Johnson.

As smart meter work continues through 2024, installation timing will depend on customers’ geographic location as technicians continue to make their way through PSE&G’s electric service territory. For the typical customer, smart meter installations should be quick and easy.

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