pseg teaneck resucue drill
pseg teaneck resucue drill

PSE&G, Teaneck First Responders Collab in Public Safety Drill

PSE&G recently demonstrated its commitment to maintaining a safe and secure gas distribution system.

PSE&G collaborated with local first responders in Teaneck, New Jersey, in a two-hour safety exercise simulating a gas emergency caused by underground gas line damage near Votee Park Field House.

The drill was the first full-scale exercise conducted since the pandemic. The hands-on training significantly improves the readiness for real and serious emergencies, PSEG said in a press release.

The exercise was aimed to practice ensuring public safety, enhancing communication and coordination between PSE&G and safety professionals. Teaneck’s Fire Chief emphasized the significance of proactive planning to handle potential issues effectively.

“Keeping our communities and employees safe is our top priority,” said Brian Clark, PSE&G’s vice president, Gas Operations. “These exercises allow us to improve communication and coordination so that, when we have real emergencies, we respond effectively to protect lives.”

Clark continued, “Today marked the first time since the pandemic that we were able to conduct a full-scale exercise, and I can’t emphasize enough how valuable this hands-on training is. Our customers trust that we’re keeping our gas systems safe and secure, and these partnerships help prepare us for emergencies.”

Township Manager Dean B. Kazinci said: “The safety of all Teaneck residents is my top priority, and coordinating multiagency efforts is crucial for an effective and efficient response during emergencies. The Township continues to train our emergency services personnel to be proactive when critical situations, such as gas emergencies, threaten our municipality.