The Meadowlands is a great place for your business

The Meadowlands of Northern New Jersey is a premiere area to do business. There are many factors that make the Meadowlands a perfect place to anchor your organization. With close proximity to New York City along with large populations in Bergen and Hudson counties, the area offers countless employer and client/patron opportunities. Here are a few reasons why the Meadowlands is the place to cement your organization:

Entertainment hub

The Meadowlands is widely known for being the home of the New York Giants and New York Jets of the National Football League. Along with this, the Meadowlands is also known for being the home of the new American Dream complex. Having these high-profile attractions in the area is perfect for those who want to settle their organization in the Meadowlands as the events and attractions bring in an abundance of potential patrons and clients from across the area and even around the world!

Suburbs over the city

Another advantage of the Meadowlands is the nature of the municipalities surrounding it. The area is mostly made up of suburban towns and small cities. This allows for a more intimate connection between businesses and the community. It also allows for larger business space without having to pay the premiums for office space in the city. The Meadowlands offers the ability to do business in the suburbs but also be a short commute away from the biggest city in the world.

Diverse population

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, New Jersey has a 64% diversity index, one of the highest in the country, meaning there is a 64% chance that two randomly selected people in the state would be from different cultural or ethnic backgrounds. Doing business in a diverse area allows there to be a lot of options for diverse candidates for employment. Having a diverse workforce will allow your organization to gain different perspectives and have a good standing with your community as an inclusive workplace.


There are over 15 colleges and universities in or near the Meadowlands. This provides your organization the ability to employ college-educated employees from local colleges and universities. This can benefit your business as you are getting employees that are invested in the community in which you do business while also meeting the education requirements of your employment opportunities.


Transportation is critical to every business whether it be the transportation of employees, patrons/clients, goods or anything else. The Meadowlands is home to the Teterboro Airport and is in very closely located to the Newark Liberty International Airport and New York City’s Airports- John F. Kennedy International and LaGuardia. In addition, the Meadowlands is very easy to navigate through the New Jersey Transit system. NJ Transit buses and trains allow for easy access to the whole Meadowlands area and the rest of New Jersey and New York City. The Meadowlands is also nearby to the Port of New York and New Jersey, one of the busiest international ports.

Diverse business locations

The Meadowlands offers many unique places to do business no matter your organization’s needs. If you are a restaurant or retail location, the Meadowlands is home to many municipalities with vibrant downtowns to relocate your business. If your organization is in need of industrial space, the industrial spaces that have you covered include, but are not limited to, Teterboro, South Hackensack and Carlstadt. If you are looking for more traditional office space, the office buildings of bustling Jersey City or suburban towns in Bergen County have what you are looking for.

Support for your business

One of the main advantages of doing business in the Meadowlands is the support you can get.

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority provides incentives and programs to help business grow and thrive in New Jersey. The Meadowlands Chamber is another organization that provides support to foster economic growth in the Meadowlands. They provide access to events, programs and educational sessions to help make your organization the best it can be.

These are just some of the reasons why the Meadowlands is a great location to do business. The Meadowlands has all the perks and opportunities any business owner would want to have in their local community. The Meadowlands is the premiere spot in the Tri-State area for your business.

Tyler Iglesias is a production assistant and writer for Meadowlands Media. He is currently studying Journalism and Mass Communication at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.