MC Gala Crowns Busy October Lineup

When the leaves start falling and the autumn chill hits the air, that’s when things really start heating up at the Meadowlands Chamber, the highlight of the year being the 50th Anniversary Legacy Awards Gala tonight (Oct. 12). 

Later this month, we have two networking events, the highlight being when Gov. Murphy talks small business with our members in a special ticketed event.

Meadowlands Chamber Legacy Awards Gala

The Meadowlands was not always the place that we know it as today. Nowadays, there is a restaurant on every corner and streets are lined with a variety of different stores, but that was not the case 50 years ago when the Meadowlands Chamber of Commerce was created. As time passes, change is inevitable and in order to succeed you must adapt to this ever-changing environment, and that is exactly what all 50 recipients of the Meadow of Honor did.

From sports to restaurants to education, all those crowned this award have made a lasting impact on their community and shaped the Meadowlands to become what we now know it as today. Our recipients took risks when it may have been difficult to take them, but through their hard work, determination and strong work ethics, they managed to flourish in their respective fields and improve the Meadowlands for a whole generation of New Jerseyans.

Many people are afraid of change and would rather stick to what they’re comfortable with, instead of sticking to these norms, our recipients pushed the boundaries and reshaped the Meadowlands. For over 50 years, the Meadowlands Chamber of Commerce has watched as businesses have evolved and molded the state to look the way it does today. From nothing but open land to office buildings and shops, the Meadowlands Chamber of Commerce has seen it all.

The Meadowlands Chamber will be hosting its 50th Anniversary Legacy Awards Gala. The event will highlight all 50 recipients of the Meadow of Honor and the work that they have done for this community.

At 6:30, cocktail hour will begin, featuring DJ entertainment and vocalist, Natalie Torres. At 8:15, the program will begin following the singing of the National Anthem by Natalie Torres and a welcome from Dan Baer.

Meadowlands Chamber CEO, Jim Kirkos, will be announcing the unveiling of the Meadow of Honor and listing off the honorees, as well as those who have won Lifetime Achievement Awards and the 4 special honorees for the night.

The honorees include Goya Foods Executive VP Peter Unanue, Hartz Mountain Industries President and COO Gus Milano, Weiss Realty Co. President and Founder Jaime Weiss and Former Mikasa President Tony Santarelli.

Following the program, coffee and dessert will be available at 9:15, where there will be more music for anyone still in the dancing spirit. As the event comes to a close and guests shuffle out, there will be event gifts sponsored by Goya being handed to guests as they leave the venue. The gala will officially conclude at 10:30.

Eggs and Issues with Governor Murphy

On Friday, Oct. 27, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy will return to Eggs and Issues by hosting a discussion with small business owners. NJEDA CEO Tim Sullivan will also be at the event to talk about small business opportunities and resources that are offered by the Garden State.

Members of the Meadowlands Chamber will have front row seats to these discussions, giving them a great chance to learn more about small businesses from two of the most influential minds in New Jersey currently. 

Meadowlands Chamber CEO Jim Kirkos Talks Leadership with Steve Adubato

At 10 a.m. this Sunday, Oct. 15, Meadowlands Chamber CEO, Jim Kirkos, along with Delta Dental CEO Dennis Wilson, will sit down with Emmy-nominated host Steve Adubato on his Lessons in Leadership video series. The two will discuss leadership and how it can impact your business.

This is an encore presentation from May and is on New12+ and streaming.

October Monthly Networking Meeting

On Thursday, Oct. 19, the Meadowlands Chamber will be hosting its monthly networking meeting from 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.. The event is a perfect opportunity to meet and connect with other local business owners. All good businesses are built through the process of networking, making this a great chance to grow the outreach of your company.

The event is a MC headquarters,1099 Wall Street West, Suite 110 in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. To register, visit

Thought Leaders Conference

Recently, the Meadowlands Chamber and Meadowlands 2040 Foundation partnered to host a thought leaders conference at the Hilton Meadowlands. The topic of the conference was ‘Transportation & Mobility: An Economic Imperative’. 6 of the most trusted personnel in the field spoke at the event. 

The 6 speakers at the event consisted of:

  • Kevin O’Toole, Chairman, NYNJ Port Authority
  • Stephen Sigmund, Senior VP, Global Gateway Alliance
  • Balpreet Grewal-Virk, Co-Chair, Gateway Development Project
  • Parth Oza, NJDOT Assistant Commissioner, Capital Program Management
  • James Carone, Executive Director, NJ Turnpike Authority
  • Richard Schaefer, PE NJ Transit Chief Engineer, Capital Programs

The conference began with a networking breakfast starting at 8:15 a.m. At 9, the program began and the 6 speakers discussed the role that transportation and mobility will play in an effective development plan. Also discussed were the current and future projects that may directly and indirectly affect the Meadowlands and its economy.

Daniel Neshan is currently a senior, majoring in Digital Media at Bergen County Technical High School in Teterboro, NJ. He is a student writer for Meadowlands Media, who plans to pursue his passion for journalism and broadcast media in college.